Art of Creation

Art of Creation unites and lives by the values of an artistic movement led by Headhunterz, Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers. Together they set out to design the sound of tomorrow while honoring their roots – creating pure and perfected Hardstyle that resonates with the soul. Those who know the story, will tell you that this is not an ordinary label. Art of Creation is an ever-growing platform, a source of electronic craftsmanship and a home for the global community. The pursuit for quality and greatness in music endures.

The future ahead lives in our imagination.
Until it is shaped by the Art of Creation.

Since its birth in early 2018, Art of Creation has become interwoven with the chronicles of Hardstyle. As with all forms of evolution, it came in waves. When Headhunterz and Wildstylez initiated the journey, creations such as Leap of Faith and Children of Drums laid the foundation for the label’s musical identity. The first act that signed to the Art of Creation family was Sound Rush, and the Look At Us Now EP sent the brothers on a pathway of growth. In 2019, Art of Creation fused with the Spirit of Hardstyle, establishing a force unprecedented within our genre. By welcoming Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators to the current team of gifted producers, tracks like 200 Dreams and Survivecolored the Art of Creation catalogue. And having a sharp eye for names on the rise, the recent inclusion of Sephyx and Aftershock heralds an exciting chapter for the label.


The future calls for a visionary approach. Aiming to present the scene with a singular mindset, Art of Creation has forged a new imprint: Eternity. It provides a platform for talented individuals and a chance to grow closer to the family. Connected to Art of Creation’s values, the sublabel holds the same artistic intimacy and aspiration to deliver high-quality Hardstyle.

We represent a scene that is bound by a history, a path, a purpose. Building upon friendship and dedication, the members of Art of Creation rekindle the origins of Hardstyle while pioneering towards the horizon. Melody has always been at the heart of Art of Creation’s stylistic signature. The artists share a natural curiosity and a desire to explore different sonic territories. Music is a reflection of our emotions. The worlds that arise can evoke deepfelt euphoria and, when you least expect it, escape into the darker regions of the mind. Immerse into a digital sense of diversity with Art of Creation.

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