What is Art of Creation?

After a decade of countless shared memories and magical collaborations, Headhunterz and Wildstylez align paths and seal their friendship to establish a visionary movement: Art of Creation. The blueprint of the label originates from their mutual artistic - often melodic - approach to Hardstyle that has inspired many of us throughout the years. Radiant and pure, crafted with passion and precision.

We represent a scene that surpasses the ordinary - one of the few where unity and dedication are still key values. A community that is bound by a history, a path, a purpose. Art of Creation sets out to honor these values, revive the past and contribute to its future by introducing a new storyline where we will set forth on our journey and bring along new talent on the rise. A dynamic platform where years of experience, friendship, talent and passion come together and spark new inspiration on the pursuit for quality and greatness in music.

The future ahead lives in our imagination.
Until it is shaped by the Art of Creation.


For over a decade Headhunterz has been symbiotically connected to Hardstyle. With over 150 Hardstyle releases under his belt, the creation of the most popular podcast — HARD with STYLE — to his name, countless legendary performances on the biggest stages and he is a permanent resident within the DJ Mag’s top 100 - Headhunterz is the undisputed biggest act in the long history of Hardstyle.

Wildstylez has been at the pinnacle of the Hardstyle scene for over a decade. He is a creative mastermind, a technical genius and the first Hardstyle artist that achieved platinum status with a track. He is regarded as one of the all-time greats of the genre. For 10 years he has innovated, revolutionized and set countless benchmarks, all to the delight of his adoring fanbase.


Evil Activities and Endymion feat. E-Life – Broken (Wildstylez Remix)

Evil Activities and Endymion feat. E-Life – Broken (Wildstylez Remix)

A legendary remix of a legendary track. Enjoy Wildstylez' take on 'Broken' by Evil Activities, Endymion and E-Life! 🙌

Out Now!
Wildstylez:<br>Children of Drums EP

Children of Drums EP

The Art of Creation saga continues with the Children of Drums by Wildstylez part of the Children of Drums EP. An authentic Wildstylez track with tribal influences, but still pure hardstyle to the fullest. A new chapter has been shaped by the Art of Creation.

The Return Of Headhunterz

The Return Of Headhunterz

The day has finally come. This is the last page of my story that had to be told. I dedicate this work to the genre I love most in the world, that I think has the most dedicated and passionate community out there. Hardstyle.

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